Apr 19, 2008

25, 20, 22

i cant believe i'm posting about something so tech-related, but this is TIME's list of the 25 BEST BLOGS 2008. the tide has really shifted to a oft-criticised but incredibly pervasive power of the people-type citizen journalism. of course, in Singapore, instead of freely letting these blogs sprout (they're mostly underground!), SPH created the not-so-creatively named STOMP...(ST for straits times). and yet again, we have a regulated, organised beast wielded by a monolithic GLC to engage in citizen journalism. ohwells, its a start i SUPPOSE?

moving on to other more enjoyable things: 2 birthdays in a weekend :)

the resolution isnt fantastic cos its been uploaded, copied, edited twice and resized...but more important than the pixels on our faces are the SMILES that we have. it was just good old times, the gang (a very fluid amorphous inclusive concept, im happy to say!) just gathering over MANY MANY sticks of satay which my parents happened to sponsor cos they were aroudn...and the best stingray i have had in a while! im sure yeek will agree with me, cos the 2 of us kept wanting to order more, but we only ordered 2 plates in the end :(
all in all, it was good to see everyone and catch up in a very Singaporean way! i enjoyed myself.

unfortunately, there are only 3 photos in my possession, one is above, and the third and final one is only of me. so obviously, it didnt merit any uploading ahem.

maya looks really well in case anyone is wondering! and i complimented her on her pink lippie as well. predictably, the dearth of photos is really because my camera, while in my bag, had been uncharged and therefore totally useless. (reminds me of LEGAL THEORY! aquinas' 4th condition of law necessarily having to be promulgated in order to get any binding force...OK WHUT. enough.)

next was simon's birthday! HE's 22 and not very proud of that, btw.
one thing we realised, however, is that there are 2 jumbo restaurants in Very Close Proximity to each other in the clarke quay vicinity...one at the brewerkz stretch (noisy, smoky, ang moh), and the other further down after the Central next to riccioti (just as orange, no smoke, quieter, smaller). thankfully the reservation was at the latter. thumbsup!
the whole dinner party: jared/cheryl/me.
seated: jin/sam/simon/leon/eunice. for some reason the back row is blurry but OHWELLS. must be cos cheryl is so blur hahahha not funny. and she occasionally reads this so i hope she's blur enough to miss my jibe HAHA. (ohdear).

i have no idea what we were doing...clearly attempting to take a photo, but being very unsuccessful in the process. what i love about candid shots is that they usually capture the moment a whole lot better than anything you can pose for.

leon/simon/me. the intended shot as above.

something must have been really funny...

more candid shots. i really am starting to see their charm and guilelessness! they're always such a nice snapshot...that's how it was meant to be right? the best photos are never the ones you intend to take.

eunice/leon/me. apparently leon looks kinda sketchy in this photo, but personally i think its alright!

got seekrit im not telling YOU hoho.

everyone at haagen daaz, where we retired for the night among much icecream, a surprisingly young and glib assistant manager, much free h2o, and plans for our lives that we aren't serious about.

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