Mar 25, 2008

a tribute to my house #2 (and the hugeass backyard barbe sendoff)

hello hello...
the gospel truth first: I HAVE NO MORE MEMOS DUE. EVER. (for this academic year lah) YAY!!!!!!
the more important Gospel Truth: EASTER HAS JUST PASSED!!!! i hope it wasnt just Another Day for you!

unfortunately, on saturday night, a horrible illness befell me and i was engulfed (HURHUR) with a 39 degree fever. wonderful tonight... so easter and the next few days were spent at home, save for ferrying my dad to the airport this morning. it was a thoroughly interesting ride, i was singing along to SAY A LITTLE PRAYER (no jokes here please, it was a random coincidence and i happen to 1. be a decent driver and 2. really like that song!). also, managed to do a very nice reverse park in the carpark; when i got out to check i figured i probably might have to repark, but NO! SURPRISE! (x2), i did it.

on to today's feature presentation:
P7210027.JPG after climbing the stairs,

IMG_0106.JPG this is the view you get! the family area/2nd floor living room. sadly, all it did was house the treadmill, my brother's stupid ps2, 2 rugs, i useless tiny fridge (see the orange cube next to the tv console?)
now if you look LEFT: kids' bedrooms.
if you look RIGHT: parents' room.
obviously that indicates to you that: Andrea's room + Wesley's room = Parents' ROOOOOOOOOM. ah, equality.

IMG_0108.JPG a more closeup view. decidedly less flattering as well. the painting we have there is the ONLY piece of modern art we had in the home (the rest were very classical- i cant name you the period, sorry! impressionist prob. cos it was monet and someone else AND obv asian art in my parents' room.)
so i am sorry there are no pictures of that! althou the painting HAS been brought over to the new place. :)

this is when you walk in and face left. ridiculous wall from my teenage past AHHAAH crammed with my exceedingly cooler than thou posters.., -_- at least i dont have photo evidence of the huge britney one HAHA. omg. my tv looks dwarfed by all the animals/popstars! and that mirror is where i checked my appearance before going out hahaha.

IMG_0103.JPG now if you pivoted to your RIGHT, this is what you would see. my custom setee had sadly been reduced to a throne not for ME, but for all my lovely books. my parents never quite understood the tradeoff. unfortunately, i realise i have no photos of my lovely wardrobe, BUT, see that panel in the left of the picture?
my wardrobe = that, x 5. wonderful times.

IMG_0104.JPG and if you pivoted EVEN more, you would see the bed, headboard and everything else.
i suddenly realise how silly it all looks! i mean, it could;ve been a KIDS ROOM for goodness sakes. nevermind. so my bed, nothing to elaborate there haha.Too. Much. Paraphernalia!!!!! teddybear collection, trophies, books. sadly, i have no open shelves in my new room, which kinda means i DO NOT get to display anything...which is a little bit more modest/private than i prefer, HAHAH KIDDING LAH.

i need to mentally prepare you for what is to come next:
horrific pictures of the same room.
i can hardly bear to put them up,
but for posterity's sake,
here goes.

IMG_0774.JPG pros: no more posters.
cons: EVERYTHING ELSE. esp the blutac on the walls. SHRIEK!
this was during the marathon packing where all of us barely was literally 2, 3, 4 hours a night, because we were packing up, i dunno. 4000+ sq ft of stuff?! or was it 3000+? either way, it was ALOT.

IMG_0775.JPG a closeup of the same photo.
now ONE benefit i got out of it was: RECYCLING.
you know how all those labels thankfully use paper bags insstead of plastic ones? PERFECT in which to put used paper, so that the whole thing can be recycled at once. all the loewe, ferragamo, fendi, et al you want. it was literally REAMS of paper, really. you can imainge how i felt getting rid of stuff. hint: It was NOT therapeutic.

IMG_0773.JPG my bed.
it was completely not even LIVEABLE at that point, so i ended up sleeping in the GUEST ROOM ON THE THIRD FLOOR. BY MYSELF. it was disgusting...and really really gross to know that i couldnt sleep in my own bed, but really. the evidence just prves how horrible everything was, it is just, i dunno. not even contemplatable. i unearthed a veritable TROVE of archeological-standard whachamacallits.

i have no photos nor permission to show you the following:
-my brother's room.
-parents' HUGE room
-parents' walk in wardrobe (OK EVERYONE LOVES THIS)
=parents' blackand white marble open washroom
and on the third floor:
-attic (size of parents' bedroom + washroom+ wardrobe!)
-guest room

however, i can show you the study room (3rd floor). why? cos its a common area. i really regret not sort of, preserving the images of the home more carefully, now that i try to piece everything back together, but iguess we do what we can. =(

IMG_0112.JPG YEP. its disgustingly organised and neat. just how a study room should be, i reckon!

IMG_0114.JPG the library.
well not really, but thats what we used to call it. mind you, those books are TRIPLE STACKED. i.e. you are seeing one layer. there are 2 more behind it, so multiply what you see by 3. disgusting when it came time to moving!

IMG_0115.JPG and on the opposite wall from the books, a huge...cupboard. very anticlimatic i know.

last photo of the day!
ok i'm kidding. last HOUSE photo of the day!
IMG_0768.JPG YES. this is the same living room as the one you saw, like WAY below on the page. THIS + assorted stuff in the rest of the house = netting us a grand total of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.
i kid you not.
garage sales are not for the faint hearted.
you have been warned, plebs.
but really, it was mainly toys that we sold, and many important items like: the swing, the treadmill, the lawnmower, etc, we chose instead to give away to people whom we knew would use them. and leave them in good condition. :)

SO, as a final FINAL tribute, we had a last send-off for the house in grand style.
and what better tradition to evoke than to have the usual HUGEASS BACKYARD BARBE!!??!?! so that is exactly what we did!! just some snapshots from the night.

IMG_0726.JPG uncle henry and cousin samuel (not his son). sigh, contributing to global warming.

IMG_0727.JPG my dad getting in on it! i'm still not sure why you need 5 pairs of eyes to be watching the food slowly cook. that's why i didnt stand around! what was i doing...??!??!

IMG_0736.JPG OH. no wonder lah. must have been eating/making noise/fighting wiht people over food. NO JK!!! me/my grandma/my godma.
the wonderful thing about a backyard barbe is that you can make all thenoise you want, and it happily dissipates into the cool breeze of the evening. along with all the smoke.
quite a pleasant tradition we had! having it poolside now isnt quite the same. =(

IMG_0755.JPG you think all the action was outside?!! tsk. check out the kids, PULVERIZING the living room. and the family area. and the attic. and the study room... no one is spared. bear in mind there are 13 of us, so its really quite a lot of non-adults hahaha.
if you look carefully, you can already see all the sealed boxes lining the back of the dining room wall. sigh.

IMG_0766.JPG i dont care how much face ive just thrown, but yea. my cousin clement, my brother, and i. RIDICULOUS.
but thats what you do with family.
at the end of the day, it doesnt mattter if we move to woodlands, east coast, clementi or tuas. (OK IT MATTERS LAH!) but the point really is
that if youve got solid family with you,
the good times can keep rolling. :)

that's it for the house! sadly i have chosen not to divulge any more,...most people who know me enough have paid a visit, so youll have to rely on either yr memories or yr imaginative powers.

coming up: SPRING FASHION. YAY! (thats something i do not out of obligation ahha!)

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