Mar 21, 2008

a tribute to my house #1

this is WAY overdue, but slightly over 2 months ago, a bade goodbye to a place i've lived in for practically my whole life. (when you're barely 20, 16 years is a helllong time.) i love my house, (YES LOVE. present tense!), not least because my parents tore it down and built-to-design it from scratch. everything in that house was meticulously designed my korkor Terence and Joanne, our designers. (and aunty Grace's brother). He and his uber-multimillion-dollar firm need not have taken the time to work on our small project, but they did.

i guess this is just a way for me to preserve all the memories, and more importantly to recollect my thoughts and come to terms with not living there anymore.

the feature wall on the left is completely cultured stone, and unlike many similar-looking copycats you see all over the place now, ours was NOT pre-arranged. i.e. the guy spent i dunno how many man-hours standing infront of that huge wall trying to piece everything together without gaps. kudos.
and the beauty is no 2 pieces are the same. :)

there's also our chess table in the centre...that's where its substituted for the christmas tree/pussywillow depending on the festive occasion HAHAHAH. the door on the right you see leads to the kitchen...and to the EXTREME right you can see a small little strip of wood, which is part of the dining set.

ok its a pretty bad angle to take the photo from, and it makes the kitchen look horridly odd, but yes, the kitchen was right behind the whole living+dining+foyer marbled floor area. if you were to rotate 180degrees from the angle at which the photo was taken, there is the fridge, cupboards, a nook for like pots and pans, and an outdoor/wet cooking area. and there's a passage leading to the washroom, storeroom, piano room, my maid's room.

to the extreme left that's the kitchen again, so you can kinda see how it all fits together to form level one of the house hhaha. and i realise the dining set is not done any justice in the picture at all! gasp. but yes, thats where we sit and chat...we don't actually dine in the dining room. because we have....

which is right next to the dining room, and there's tons of breeze there, so dinner is usually taken outside. plus, the noise gets dispersed, which is all the better. especially if my brther and i happen to be arguing...

this is the view from one of the staircase steps...OH YES! the spiral stairs...its just a spine with wooden steps and steel bars, before it became cool and EVERYONE did it... -_-
its a pretty familiar setting, cos whenever there are gatherings/parties/etc, many of the photos are taken in the living room. i wont provide evidence of that but there are many pictures littering this blog and elseplace with the living room as the setting.
when we watch tv together, the family does it in the living room. this is because there's quite a bit of breeze that we get when the sliding doors are open coming from...

i lived in a semi-D, so the garden goes all the way around, but i only have this one photo (sorry!). sadly we never took the time or effort or money ahah to landscape the garden, but the tree you see in the corner is one we planted ourselves, and it grew over the many years we were there. the swing, of course, was a source of neverending entertainment for everyone who visited. who was under 21. ..

situated right next to the garden, the porch was used pretty much just for hanging clothes as you can see. and we put our bicycles and umbrellas there too. my dad only parked there when it was raining so that it would be more spacious.

OK THAT IS ALL FOR THE FIRST FLOOR> im kinda done for now... and i will post the rest of it another time!

i have so many memories, and many of my friends too i am sure, given everything we've done over the years. i guess we all need to move on...
and on another note, i'm posting about it now only because the alternative of writing a memo sucks so bad.


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