Mar 12, 2008

Structure: f/w 08

before i post on all the lovely things of spring i have chosen, i thought i'd do fall/winter first. doesnt make sense i know, but in the fashion world, people are always a season or 2 ahead!
the biggest thing, in my opinion, has been the STRUCTURED SILHOUETTE. the runways churned out tons of chic, wearable outfits injected with a hint of couture through their bold shapes. very interesting!!! so here are the notables:

undoubtedly this was from the couture collection, but notice the incredible structure in tke skirts! like an updated, funked up hoop skirt, spiced up with the can=can-esque lacey layers underneath. with that much detail in the bottoms, its little wonder the colors are kept monochromatic and the tops fuss-free.
its definitely no mean feat to have bottoms as the feature zone! and it actually looks really wearable too.

ok now on to all the pret-a-porter stuff. these lovely winter coats by jil sander are absolutely chic. the material is visibly lusciously thick, warm and creamy. probably wool/woolen derivative, and see how the skinny sleeves do not take away from the amazing necklines at all? balance, proportion, one-tone color. a statement piece any way you look at it. and BOY will you look at it. im also really sure theylll do a fab job of keeping any person worth their salt fashionably warm when the chills set in.
(insert gripe about Singapore's tropical weather here)

another brand i consistently enjoy, even if its via my laptop -_-. mumble mumble. i recently saw lindsay lohan wearing one of these, which kinda drops the cool factor a bit, but these coats are too cool for school. the structure in these coats has been kept to their construction, but in a lovely fabric (very likely a blend, maybe partial silk and wool?) which allows them to still be fluid and swingy. wear them, and you'll look like a rebel without being one--that's street cred and fashion all rolled into one. not as dramatic as Jil Sander, but infinitely phat. haha.

can i really omit him??? his usual irreverence very obvious...nothing too simple for marc. amazing combinations of textures...leather! sequins! silk! his take on structure is definitely less technical. from the parachute sleeves of the biker jackt (way more girly now!) to the schoolgirl pleates to the gathered skirt and bustline, marc jacobs eschews all the origami-esque inclinations of the other designers. now thats FIERCE.

another consistent favourite of mine. honestly his designs did not quite adhere wiht the others i chose for this post, but the designs here definitely were about creating interesting shapes. straight skirts, broad shoulders, no emphasis on the waist: a masculine silhouette softened visibly by soft sleeves and gentle material. the middle dress is my fave cos the black one is daring but too dominatrix. the tweed coat is not bad, but a bit too blah for me.

try it out in a few months time!!! you can start investing in cool separates that dont just hug your figure... not a bad thing if, like me, you've still not been able to work off the chinese new year feasting.
hopefully iget to post that exciting spring feature soon!

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