Mar 31, 2008

the long and short of it

as i sort through countless photos and try to cobble together a semblance of order in my life, i realise rather halfheartedly that i sometimes dont fully enjoy all that i have.
despite my inherent optimism, sometimes it is difficult to remain thankful for everything, and to keep my mind focused on the Permanence of Salvation and not the temporal pleasures of life.

EVEN MORE DIFFICULT is attaining a suitable balance between the not for all-out hedonism (regardless of how much i may seem to enjoy it haha JK), and neither am i for an inwardlooking, overly reflective introverted paradigm.

SO. i guess the long and short of this whole thing is really, LIVE LIFE, but remember WHAT COUNTS.

of course, the long and short of it also is with regards to hair...i never got a chance to post about this recent gig that some of us went to...and by the time i had lawball pictures, the hair had been chopped off!

vik was trying his DARNEST to be a gangsta brutha haha. i'm not sure how successful it looked but he was certainly P.I.M.P.I.N.G. thankfully, he doesnt read my blog and i know he doesnt know it exists. i guess we'l keep things that way!? such a waste to feature all of them also right.. haha, JK!

lawball 08...
something many of us vascillated over. but we made it in the end to the Grand Copthorne Waterfront. just 3 tables worth of year ones (the rest were seniors + exchange students) and we exploited it; i know i took a photo with at least every year one there haha!

since i hv limits thanks to blogger (or thanks to the blogger/mac combination...tsk, lethal), i have uploaded the photos with more than one other person in them. :) NO COINCIDENCES whatsoever with regards to whom appears, except that they werent just standing with me. (sorry guys!)

our table, missing haogen.




on the topic of hair, there have been so many mixed reactions that i HAVE to point out the glaring detail that it seems to be divided by GENDER Of all thihngs!
predictably, boys like long hair and girls are supportive of other girls (i.e. they like my new hair haha)...
so i'm not sure what that means for me, but in essence it is more cooling now for me!

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