Mar 5, 2008

a little dose of celebrity

it is common knowledge that aside from chocolates and conversation, i am also addicted to GOSSIP SITES. interestingly, i have found some recent news noteworthy. and since it is 2am in the morning and my insomnia clings to me like candy on a cane, i shall be slightly (MORE??) frivolous this time.

daniel day, tilda swinton, marion, javier.
the females i was slightly iffy regarding their wins (what happened to cate blanchett?! she's suffered a leo diCap-esque double loss, aH the tragedy!), but the men, i wholly approved off. admittedly the field was exceedingly strong this year, particularly for best actor in my opinion, and many who lost out might have had a shot in a lesser year.
i'd rather be among , as they say, the company of giants.
ahem, as opposed to dwarves...CuE obscure spinal tap stonehenge reference here. if you are a film enthusiast (i wont even profess to be a buff!) you will definitely enjoy my company ER I MEAN THE COMPANY of these award-winning actors on the big screen.

additional shoutout goes to ELLEN PAGE!! aside from juno, if you are as big an xmen + popculture fan as i am, then you'd know that shadowcat was NEVER meant to be ellen's Role. indeed, a pregnant, mouthy, potty but essentially mallowy-sweet teenager (i.e. Juno MacGuff) was truly for her to inhabit. go Indep Spirit Awards!

2. yes. my deepest darkest confession yet.
i have long harbored the clandestine fantasy of making it big, in an area that really gives me pleasure and fulfillment, where i feel myself and wholly so. it is not, contrary to popular and apocryphal belief, true that there is irony in feeling yrlsef whilst being someone else. hell, people do that on a daily basis!
sadly, i do not have the guts nor derring-do to chase my dream (i just sit on the couch watching American Idol COUGHarchuletaCOUGH), instead choosing to chase another goal... more a goal than a dream, yes...that currently has me on thousands of words in wordcount and carefully edited paragraph-long sentences with precision a gunslinger would envy. (ideally.)

i wish i could inhabit that other world. i woudnt even be one of those troubled starlets, much as i adore britney...i'd just really work hard, and when red carpet events present themseves, get a chance to strut my stuff. to enjoy yourwork everyday as such is truly a privilege afforded to few.

tsd gave me my closest taste of that world, and goodness knows i need rehab for that addiction.

3. TomKat
uhhuh. one of the couples i constantly flip-flip (NOT FLIP) over...when i see them as a unit with suri it is Wedded Bliss Expansion PAck, but when i see isabella and connor towering over their (non-biological AHEM) dad and grinning at their new (non-biological ahem) mum who is barely old enough to have borne them, i dunno. typical Hollywoodism. estrangement, substance abuse, premarital sex and identity question likely to follow.

in the meantime, let us delve into the lovely frivolously fabulous world of fashion:
HER SHOES! HIS TIE! it is AMAZING! i LOVEIT! the classy matching and subtle coordination is YET another reason for chasing my dream. please refer to blatant confession at point #2.
(the hair? not so hot. it is just too circa 30 years ago for me)
but truly this is an exemplar of style, not just in an individual but in a unit; it is excellent. OK GO could take some tips. (again, if you are not a pop culture whore, dont feel too bad about missing all these very accurate references!)

4. Last but NOWHERE near Least
looking winsome, sexy, mischievous and dapper all at once, he manages to channel himself amidst the foreign tongue, cheesy wall, xmassy colors, and a less-than-well-cut vest. (again, my humble uninitiated opinion).
it is just candid and smart and amazingly confdent. i wouldnt even compare him to somehting that glows or radiates...that seems to suggest that there is a bright emission of a sensory in-your-face semniotic blast.

he just IS.
and that;s why he has "THE" before his name. its inimitably Depp.

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