Mar 19, 2008

easter week


this palm sunday (the sunday before Easter) was an immensely special one for me. and while i do not normally share such private details, this definitely warrants some screen time. for it was the day that i got REAFFIRMED.
reaffirmation is like baptism, except that i was baptised as a kid and thus cant be baptised twice. and its a big step (in my book), because i didnt want to just embrace a faith my parents introduced me to, without first determining that it is somehting i myself truly and wholeheartedly believe in as well.

the reaffirmation candidates. as joel lee said, we all grew up in church together, which come to think of it, is true!
josh davin clement me matt allister druscilla.

it was by no means an easy decision to come to, but the truth is really that there was no other decision. with the Love of God and His wonderful Promises for me and the Sacrifice of Jesus and all the evidence in my life pointing to the presence of One who has been faithfully and mercifully guiding my blessed life... i couldnt actually say there wasnt a God. there IS one, and i believe in Him and His Word.
the Bible as an authoritative source is one of the biggest truths to me, as it contains promises, guidelines, encouragement and direction to people who read and believe it.

these are the girls my age. yuwen/shuyi/me/jinglin. below: amelia/deb.
OH YES. as you may have noticed by now, MY HAIR HAS BEEN CUT. well more like brutally lopped off. which is fine by me, since it suits the climate more, and bathing is a CINCH now. ahhaha.

Easter is a significant event in the Christian calendar. along with Christmas... but personally, Easter is meaningful to me because that was when Jesus died on the cross for us. for me!

"Surely HE has borne OUR griefs, And carried OUR sorrows...HE was wounded for OUR transgressions, HE was bruised for OUR iniquities...and by HIS stripes WE are healed."
-Isaiah 53:4-5

Jesus' death on the cross was more than just about a masochistic display of suffering to prove His longsuffrance or iron-man-worthiness. His death was about REDEMPTION. only the Perfect unblemished Lamb of God was a sufficient sacrifice for all that we have sinned for.

"Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise HIM.." -Isaiah 53: 10

God's love is so magnificent that He would be satisfied in seeing His Son die for ALL of our sins, because He knew that is how He could and would be reconciled to the beings He created and loved so dearly.
i dont know, it is hard to comprehend the magnificence and the sheer magnitude of such a complicated thought...and i struggle with it sometimes, but that's not really the point is it?
we're not here to understand the workings of God's incomprehensibly great love for us...but rather to repay that eternal debt, to live like it matters, to stand justified.

just clowning around. ahha. they made me do all kinds of other poses which i will not upload here simply because it is an inefficient use of energy, and by that i refer to the energy from the wall socket being used to power my laptop, as well as the kilojoules i exert just uploading it. :)

i'm not going to apologise for a decidedly more contemplative/less frivolous/more esoteric post. these are my thoughts for the moment, and i'm sure as maundy thursday, good fri, holy sat and easter sunday come, i will gain even more insights.
to everyone,

if you are a law student, happy LAWRing. (our #3947562740285 memo is due on EASTER SUNDAY. fab)

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