Mar 31, 2008

the long and short of it

as i sort through countless photos and try to cobble together a semblance of order in my life, i realise rather halfheartedly that i sometimes dont fully enjoy all that i have.
despite my inherent optimism, sometimes it is difficult to remain thankful for everything, and to keep my mind focused on the Permanence of Salvation and not the temporal pleasures of life.

EVEN MORE DIFFICULT is attaining a suitable balance between the not for all-out hedonism (regardless of how much i may seem to enjoy it haha JK), and neither am i for an inwardlooking, overly reflective introverted paradigm.

SO. i guess the long and short of this whole thing is really, LIVE LIFE, but remember WHAT COUNTS.

of course, the long and short of it also is with regards to hair...i never got a chance to post about this recent gig that some of us went to...and by the time i had lawball pictures, the hair had been chopped off!

vik was trying his DARNEST to be a gangsta brutha haha. i'm not sure how successful it looked but he was certainly P.I.M.P.I.N.G. thankfully, he doesnt read my blog and i know he doesnt know it exists. i guess we'l keep things that way!? such a waste to feature all of them also right.. haha, JK!

lawball 08...
something many of us vascillated over. but we made it in the end to the Grand Copthorne Waterfront. just 3 tables worth of year ones (the rest were seniors + exchange students) and we exploited it; i know i took a photo with at least every year one there haha!

since i hv limits thanks to blogger (or thanks to the blogger/mac combination...tsk, lethal), i have uploaded the photos with more than one other person in them. :) NO COINCIDENCES whatsoever with regards to whom appears, except that they werent just standing with me. (sorry guys!)

our table, missing haogen.




on the topic of hair, there have been so many mixed reactions that i HAVE to point out the glaring detail that it seems to be divided by GENDER Of all thihngs!
predictably, boys like long hair and girls are supportive of other girls (i.e. they like my new hair haha)...
so i'm not sure what that means for me, but in essence it is more cooling now for me!

Mar 25, 2008

a tribute to my house #2 (and the hugeass backyard barbe sendoff)

hello hello...
the gospel truth first: I HAVE NO MORE MEMOS DUE. EVER. (for this academic year lah) YAY!!!!!!
the more important Gospel Truth: EASTER HAS JUST PASSED!!!! i hope it wasnt just Another Day for you!

unfortunately, on saturday night, a horrible illness befell me and i was engulfed (HURHUR) with a 39 degree fever. wonderful tonight... so easter and the next few days were spent at home, save for ferrying my dad to the airport this morning. it was a thoroughly interesting ride, i was singing along to SAY A LITTLE PRAYER (no jokes here please, it was a random coincidence and i happen to 1. be a decent driver and 2. really like that song!). also, managed to do a very nice reverse park in the carpark; when i got out to check i figured i probably might have to repark, but NO! SURPRISE! (x2), i did it.

on to today's feature presentation:
P7210027.JPG after climbing the stairs,

IMG_0106.JPG this is the view you get! the family area/2nd floor living room. sadly, all it did was house the treadmill, my brother's stupid ps2, 2 rugs, i useless tiny fridge (see the orange cube next to the tv console?)
now if you look LEFT: kids' bedrooms.
if you look RIGHT: parents' room.
obviously that indicates to you that: Andrea's room + Wesley's room = Parents' ROOOOOOOOOM. ah, equality.

IMG_0108.JPG a more closeup view. decidedly less flattering as well. the painting we have there is the ONLY piece of modern art we had in the home (the rest were very classical- i cant name you the period, sorry! impressionist prob. cos it was monet and someone else AND obv asian art in my parents' room.)
so i am sorry there are no pictures of that! althou the painting HAS been brought over to the new place. :)

this is when you walk in and face left. ridiculous wall from my teenage past AHHAAH crammed with my exceedingly cooler than thou posters.., -_- at least i dont have photo evidence of the huge britney one HAHA. omg. my tv looks dwarfed by all the animals/popstars! and that mirror is where i checked my appearance before going out hahaha.

IMG_0103.JPG now if you pivoted to your RIGHT, this is what you would see. my custom setee had sadly been reduced to a throne not for ME, but for all my lovely books. my parents never quite understood the tradeoff. unfortunately, i realise i have no photos of my lovely wardrobe, BUT, see that panel in the left of the picture?
my wardrobe = that, x 5. wonderful times.

IMG_0104.JPG and if you pivoted EVEN more, you would see the bed, headboard and everything else.
i suddenly realise how silly it all looks! i mean, it could;ve been a KIDS ROOM for goodness sakes. nevermind. so my bed, nothing to elaborate there haha.Too. Much. Paraphernalia!!!!! teddybear collection, trophies, books. sadly, i have no open shelves in my new room, which kinda means i DO NOT get to display anything...which is a little bit more modest/private than i prefer, HAHAH KIDDING LAH.

i need to mentally prepare you for what is to come next:
horrific pictures of the same room.
i can hardly bear to put them up,
but for posterity's sake,
here goes.

IMG_0774.JPG pros: no more posters.
cons: EVERYTHING ELSE. esp the blutac on the walls. SHRIEK!
this was during the marathon packing where all of us barely was literally 2, 3, 4 hours a night, because we were packing up, i dunno. 4000+ sq ft of stuff?! or was it 3000+? either way, it was ALOT.

IMG_0775.JPG a closeup of the same photo.
now ONE benefit i got out of it was: RECYCLING.
you know how all those labels thankfully use paper bags insstead of plastic ones? PERFECT in which to put used paper, so that the whole thing can be recycled at once. all the loewe, ferragamo, fendi, et al you want. it was literally REAMS of paper, really. you can imainge how i felt getting rid of stuff. hint: It was NOT therapeutic.

IMG_0773.JPG my bed.
it was completely not even LIVEABLE at that point, so i ended up sleeping in the GUEST ROOM ON THE THIRD FLOOR. BY MYSELF. it was disgusting...and really really gross to know that i couldnt sleep in my own bed, but really. the evidence just prves how horrible everything was, it is just, i dunno. not even contemplatable. i unearthed a veritable TROVE of archeological-standard whachamacallits.

i have no photos nor permission to show you the following:
-my brother's room.
-parents' HUGE room
-parents' walk in wardrobe (OK EVERYONE LOVES THIS)
=parents' blackand white marble open washroom
and on the third floor:
-attic (size of parents' bedroom + washroom+ wardrobe!)
-guest room

however, i can show you the study room (3rd floor). why? cos its a common area. i really regret not sort of, preserving the images of the home more carefully, now that i try to piece everything back together, but iguess we do what we can. =(

IMG_0112.JPG YEP. its disgustingly organised and neat. just how a study room should be, i reckon!

IMG_0114.JPG the library.
well not really, but thats what we used to call it. mind you, those books are TRIPLE STACKED. i.e. you are seeing one layer. there are 2 more behind it, so multiply what you see by 3. disgusting when it came time to moving!

IMG_0115.JPG and on the opposite wall from the books, a huge...cupboard. very anticlimatic i know.

last photo of the day!
ok i'm kidding. last HOUSE photo of the day!
IMG_0768.JPG YES. this is the same living room as the one you saw, like WAY below on the page. THIS + assorted stuff in the rest of the house = netting us a grand total of TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.
i kid you not.
garage sales are not for the faint hearted.
you have been warned, plebs.
but really, it was mainly toys that we sold, and many important items like: the swing, the treadmill, the lawnmower, etc, we chose instead to give away to people whom we knew would use them. and leave them in good condition. :)

SO, as a final FINAL tribute, we had a last send-off for the house in grand style.
and what better tradition to evoke than to have the usual HUGEASS BACKYARD BARBE!!??!?! so that is exactly what we did!! just some snapshots from the night.

IMG_0726.JPG uncle henry and cousin samuel (not his son). sigh, contributing to global warming.

IMG_0727.JPG my dad getting in on it! i'm still not sure why you need 5 pairs of eyes to be watching the food slowly cook. that's why i didnt stand around! what was i doing...??!??!

IMG_0736.JPG OH. no wonder lah. must have been eating/making noise/fighting wiht people over food. NO JK!!! me/my grandma/my godma.
the wonderful thing about a backyard barbe is that you can make all thenoise you want, and it happily dissipates into the cool breeze of the evening. along with all the smoke.
quite a pleasant tradition we had! having it poolside now isnt quite the same. =(

IMG_0755.JPG you think all the action was outside?!! tsk. check out the kids, PULVERIZING the living room. and the family area. and the attic. and the study room... no one is spared. bear in mind there are 13 of us, so its really quite a lot of non-adults hahaha.
if you look carefully, you can already see all the sealed boxes lining the back of the dining room wall. sigh.

IMG_0766.JPG i dont care how much face ive just thrown, but yea. my cousin clement, my brother, and i. RIDICULOUS.
but thats what you do with family.
at the end of the day, it doesnt mattter if we move to woodlands, east coast, clementi or tuas. (OK IT MATTERS LAH!) but the point really is
that if youve got solid family with you,
the good times can keep rolling. :)

that's it for the house! sadly i have chosen not to divulge any more,...most people who know me enough have paid a visit, so youll have to rely on either yr memories or yr imaginative powers.

coming up: SPRING FASHION. YAY! (thats something i do not out of obligation ahha!)

Mar 21, 2008

a tribute to my house #1

this is WAY overdue, but slightly over 2 months ago, a bade goodbye to a place i've lived in for practically my whole life. (when you're barely 20, 16 years is a helllong time.) i love my house, (YES LOVE. present tense!), not least because my parents tore it down and built-to-design it from scratch. everything in that house was meticulously designed my korkor Terence and Joanne, our designers. (and aunty Grace's brother). He and his uber-multimillion-dollar firm need not have taken the time to work on our small project, but they did.

i guess this is just a way for me to preserve all the memories, and more importantly to recollect my thoughts and come to terms with not living there anymore.

the feature wall on the left is completely cultured stone, and unlike many similar-looking copycats you see all over the place now, ours was NOT pre-arranged. i.e. the guy spent i dunno how many man-hours standing infront of that huge wall trying to piece everything together without gaps. kudos.
and the beauty is no 2 pieces are the same. :)

there's also our chess table in the centre...that's where its substituted for the christmas tree/pussywillow depending on the festive occasion HAHAHAH. the door on the right you see leads to the kitchen...and to the EXTREME right you can see a small little strip of wood, which is part of the dining set.

ok its a pretty bad angle to take the photo from, and it makes the kitchen look horridly odd, but yes, the kitchen was right behind the whole living+dining+foyer marbled floor area. if you were to rotate 180degrees from the angle at which the photo was taken, there is the fridge, cupboards, a nook for like pots and pans, and an outdoor/wet cooking area. and there's a passage leading to the washroom, storeroom, piano room, my maid's room.

to the extreme left that's the kitchen again, so you can kinda see how it all fits together to form level one of the house hhaha. and i realise the dining set is not done any justice in the picture at all! gasp. but yes, thats where we sit and chat...we don't actually dine in the dining room. because we have....

which is right next to the dining room, and there's tons of breeze there, so dinner is usually taken outside. plus, the noise gets dispersed, which is all the better. especially if my brther and i happen to be arguing...

this is the view from one of the staircase steps...OH YES! the spiral stairs...its just a spine with wooden steps and steel bars, before it became cool and EVERYONE did it... -_-
its a pretty familiar setting, cos whenever there are gatherings/parties/etc, many of the photos are taken in the living room. i wont provide evidence of that but there are many pictures littering this blog and elseplace with the living room as the setting.
when we watch tv together, the family does it in the living room. this is because there's quite a bit of breeze that we get when the sliding doors are open coming from...

i lived in a semi-D, so the garden goes all the way around, but i only have this one photo (sorry!). sadly we never took the time or effort or money ahah to landscape the garden, but the tree you see in the corner is one we planted ourselves, and it grew over the many years we were there. the swing, of course, was a source of neverending entertainment for everyone who visited. who was under 21. ..

situated right next to the garden, the porch was used pretty much just for hanging clothes as you can see. and we put our bicycles and umbrellas there too. my dad only parked there when it was raining so that it would be more spacious.

OK THAT IS ALL FOR THE FIRST FLOOR> im kinda done for now... and i will post the rest of it another time!

i have so many memories, and many of my friends too i am sure, given everything we've done over the years. i guess we all need to move on...
and on another note, i'm posting about it now only because the alternative of writing a memo sucks so bad.


Mar 19, 2008

easter week


this palm sunday (the sunday before Easter) was an immensely special one for me. and while i do not normally share such private details, this definitely warrants some screen time. for it was the day that i got REAFFIRMED.
reaffirmation is like baptism, except that i was baptised as a kid and thus cant be baptised twice. and its a big step (in my book), because i didnt want to just embrace a faith my parents introduced me to, without first determining that it is somehting i myself truly and wholeheartedly believe in as well.

the reaffirmation candidates. as joel lee said, we all grew up in church together, which come to think of it, is true!
josh davin clement me matt allister druscilla.

it was by no means an easy decision to come to, but the truth is really that there was no other decision. with the Love of God and His wonderful Promises for me and the Sacrifice of Jesus and all the evidence in my life pointing to the presence of One who has been faithfully and mercifully guiding my blessed life... i couldnt actually say there wasnt a God. there IS one, and i believe in Him and His Word.
the Bible as an authoritative source is one of the biggest truths to me, as it contains promises, guidelines, encouragement and direction to people who read and believe it.

these are the girls my age. yuwen/shuyi/me/jinglin. below: amelia/deb.
OH YES. as you may have noticed by now, MY HAIR HAS BEEN CUT. well more like brutally lopped off. which is fine by me, since it suits the climate more, and bathing is a CINCH now. ahhaha.

Easter is a significant event in the Christian calendar. along with Christmas... but personally, Easter is meaningful to me because that was when Jesus died on the cross for us. for me!

"Surely HE has borne OUR griefs, And carried OUR sorrows...HE was wounded for OUR transgressions, HE was bruised for OUR iniquities...and by HIS stripes WE are healed."
-Isaiah 53:4-5

Jesus' death on the cross was more than just about a masochistic display of suffering to prove His longsuffrance or iron-man-worthiness. His death was about REDEMPTION. only the Perfect unblemished Lamb of God was a sufficient sacrifice for all that we have sinned for.

"Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise HIM.." -Isaiah 53: 10

God's love is so magnificent that He would be satisfied in seeing His Son die for ALL of our sins, because He knew that is how He could and would be reconciled to the beings He created and loved so dearly.
i dont know, it is hard to comprehend the magnificence and the sheer magnitude of such a complicated thought...and i struggle with it sometimes, but that's not really the point is it?
we're not here to understand the workings of God's incomprehensibly great love for us...but rather to repay that eternal debt, to live like it matters, to stand justified.

just clowning around. ahha. they made me do all kinds of other poses which i will not upload here simply because it is an inefficient use of energy, and by that i refer to the energy from the wall socket being used to power my laptop, as well as the kilojoules i exert just uploading it. :)

i'm not going to apologise for a decidedly more contemplative/less frivolous/more esoteric post. these are my thoughts for the moment, and i'm sure as maundy thursday, good fri, holy sat and easter sunday come, i will gain even more insights.
to everyone,

if you are a law student, happy LAWRing. (our #3947562740285 memo is due on EASTER SUNDAY. fab)

Mar 12, 2008

Structure: f/w 08

before i post on all the lovely things of spring i have chosen, i thought i'd do fall/winter first. doesnt make sense i know, but in the fashion world, people are always a season or 2 ahead!
the biggest thing, in my opinion, has been the STRUCTURED SILHOUETTE. the runways churned out tons of chic, wearable outfits injected with a hint of couture through their bold shapes. very interesting!!! so here are the notables:

undoubtedly this was from the couture collection, but notice the incredible structure in tke skirts! like an updated, funked up hoop skirt, spiced up with the can=can-esque lacey layers underneath. with that much detail in the bottoms, its little wonder the colors are kept monochromatic and the tops fuss-free.
its definitely no mean feat to have bottoms as the feature zone! and it actually looks really wearable too.

ok now on to all the pret-a-porter stuff. these lovely winter coats by jil sander are absolutely chic. the material is visibly lusciously thick, warm and creamy. probably wool/woolen derivative, and see how the skinny sleeves do not take away from the amazing necklines at all? balance, proportion, one-tone color. a statement piece any way you look at it. and BOY will you look at it. im also really sure theylll do a fab job of keeping any person worth their salt fashionably warm when the chills set in.
(insert gripe about Singapore's tropical weather here)

another brand i consistently enjoy, even if its via my laptop -_-. mumble mumble. i recently saw lindsay lohan wearing one of these, which kinda drops the cool factor a bit, but these coats are too cool for school. the structure in these coats has been kept to their construction, but in a lovely fabric (very likely a blend, maybe partial silk and wool?) which allows them to still be fluid and swingy. wear them, and you'll look like a rebel without being one--that's street cred and fashion all rolled into one. not as dramatic as Jil Sander, but infinitely phat. haha.

can i really omit him??? his usual irreverence very obvious...nothing too simple for marc. amazing combinations of textures...leather! sequins! silk! his take on structure is definitely less technical. from the parachute sleeves of the biker jackt (way more girly now!) to the schoolgirl pleates to the gathered skirt and bustline, marc jacobs eschews all the origami-esque inclinations of the other designers. now thats FIERCE.

another consistent favourite of mine. honestly his designs did not quite adhere wiht the others i chose for this post, but the designs here definitely were about creating interesting shapes. straight skirts, broad shoulders, no emphasis on the waist: a masculine silhouette softened visibly by soft sleeves and gentle material. the middle dress is my fave cos the black one is daring but too dominatrix. the tweed coat is not bad, but a bit too blah for me.

try it out in a few months time!!! you can start investing in cool separates that dont just hug your figure... not a bad thing if, like me, you've still not been able to work off the chinese new year feasting.
hopefully iget to post that exciting spring feature soon!

Mar 5, 2008

a little dose of celebrity

it is common knowledge that aside from chocolates and conversation, i am also addicted to GOSSIP SITES. interestingly, i have found some recent news noteworthy. and since it is 2am in the morning and my insomnia clings to me like candy on a cane, i shall be slightly (MORE??) frivolous this time.

daniel day, tilda swinton, marion, javier.
the females i was slightly iffy regarding their wins (what happened to cate blanchett?! she's suffered a leo diCap-esque double loss, aH the tragedy!), but the men, i wholly approved off. admittedly the field was exceedingly strong this year, particularly for best actor in my opinion, and many who lost out might have had a shot in a lesser year.
i'd rather be among , as they say, the company of giants.
ahem, as opposed to dwarves...CuE obscure spinal tap stonehenge reference here. if you are a film enthusiast (i wont even profess to be a buff!) you will definitely enjoy my company ER I MEAN THE COMPANY of these award-winning actors on the big screen.

additional shoutout goes to ELLEN PAGE!! aside from juno, if you are as big an xmen + popculture fan as i am, then you'd know that shadowcat was NEVER meant to be ellen's Role. indeed, a pregnant, mouthy, potty but essentially mallowy-sweet teenager (i.e. Juno MacGuff) was truly for her to inhabit. go Indep Spirit Awards!

2. yes. my deepest darkest confession yet.
i have long harbored the clandestine fantasy of making it big, in an area that really gives me pleasure and fulfillment, where i feel myself and wholly so. it is not, contrary to popular and apocryphal belief, true that there is irony in feeling yrlsef whilst being someone else. hell, people do that on a daily basis!
sadly, i do not have the guts nor derring-do to chase my dream (i just sit on the couch watching American Idol COUGHarchuletaCOUGH), instead choosing to chase another goal... more a goal than a dream, yes...that currently has me on thousands of words in wordcount and carefully edited paragraph-long sentences with precision a gunslinger would envy. (ideally.)

i wish i could inhabit that other world. i woudnt even be one of those troubled starlets, much as i adore britney...i'd just really work hard, and when red carpet events present themseves, get a chance to strut my stuff. to enjoy yourwork everyday as such is truly a privilege afforded to few.

tsd gave me my closest taste of that world, and goodness knows i need rehab for that addiction.

3. TomKat
uhhuh. one of the couples i constantly flip-flip (NOT FLIP) over...when i see them as a unit with suri it is Wedded Bliss Expansion PAck, but when i see isabella and connor towering over their (non-biological AHEM) dad and grinning at their new (non-biological ahem) mum who is barely old enough to have borne them, i dunno. typical Hollywoodism. estrangement, substance abuse, premarital sex and identity question likely to follow.

in the meantime, let us delve into the lovely frivolously fabulous world of fashion:
HER SHOES! HIS TIE! it is AMAZING! i LOVEIT! the classy matching and subtle coordination is YET another reason for chasing my dream. please refer to blatant confession at point #2.
(the hair? not so hot. it is just too circa 30 years ago for me)
but truly this is an exemplar of style, not just in an individual but in a unit; it is excellent. OK GO could take some tips. (again, if you are not a pop culture whore, dont feel too bad about missing all these very accurate references!)

4. Last but NOWHERE near Least
looking winsome, sexy, mischievous and dapper all at once, he manages to channel himself amidst the foreign tongue, cheesy wall, xmassy colors, and a less-than-well-cut vest. (again, my humble uninitiated opinion).
it is just candid and smart and amazingly confdent. i wouldnt even compare him to somehting that glows or radiates...that seems to suggest that there is a bright emission of a sensory in-your-face semniotic blast.

he just IS.
and that;s why he has "THE" before his name. its inimitably Depp.