Jan 26, 2008

shoes, etc.

1. some recent good movies:
-i am legend (its will smith...)
-american gangster (yet another crowe movie, but def sth to crow about HAHAHAHAhaha... -_-)
-cloverfield (breaking movie conventions. for real.)

2. YAY lovely lovely.
i must say i do have a pet peeve regarding bals, which is that in taka, near the jimmy choo store, there is a HORRID brand with 'B' monograms masquerading itself as Balenciaga. PLS. if they cost only 3 figures (100+ i mean), would they really be able to show at fashion week? AND. balenciaga prides itself on understated (ie NO MONOGRAMMED BAGS), high quality TREATED leather. and i dont think you can treat leather to the point that it becomes canvas.
in any case, if you are walking around in the taka basement looking for food, take the escalator a few flights up, and check out what's got me fuming.

3. on to the topic of this post:
i know i promised a post aeons ago...(i also promised one about the house, and xmas, etc...failure lah) but here i give u a nice PREVIEW of the things to come!
its january and spring/summer is upon us once again! not literally, just in the fashion world. in the meantime we shall wait for the clothes to actually roll around to singapore, following which we'll wait another decade or so for the trends to actually catch on... more on that on my 4th point haha.

D & G handpainted organza Kirsten pump.
OMG. really just lovely, outstanding, classy, artistic, all at once. this is a sturdy looking creation that sacrifices, NOTHING, really, in its pursuit of wearable art. i love it tons, and i think the combination of colors, even, is very pretty. right down to the paint n the wooden heel.
worth the $$$. as long as there's detail. and of course, who can resist something HANDpainted?! very reminiscent of the colorful bags i posted up.. er, ages ago.

CHLOE suede and patent leather python skin heel.
what a combination of materials! but more than anything, i love the bright colors that have been appearing (except on the new vuitton bags...great to see them going down the ah soh drain) and this is a great statement pair of shoes! you can even see the texture of the suede (its orange, if you cant tell) and it is absolutely lovely.
the closest i have to that is
my PEDDER RED pair of patent ballet flats with a satin ribbon YUM. ballet flats are YET another timeless item.

EMILIO PUCCI ankle tie heel.
pucci is SO underrated and undertheradar BUT the extra pink details just stand out against the vermillion, and i LOVE the stars at the tails of the ties. DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL. thats what people pay good moolah for!

4. leggings.
i'm so sorry, but on the earlier topic of trends catching on, WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL WEARING LEGGINGS!!?! IT IS DISTURBING I TELL YOU. undoubtedly, they are cutesy and can look very classy, but that is really completely over. if you wear the 3 quards i guess its less of a crime, since singapore IS very hot, and the proliferation of tunics kinda makes they necessary, somewhat. but people need to shy away from covering their legs..
spring/summer is upon us, and they call for lovely colors, bare legs, painted toenails, loose hair...
that means i need to update my own wardrobe too. unfortunately, i have barely any time for that, and have not done so in half a year, AT LEAST. debbie says all i wear is black...so i shall gradually change that. GRADUALLY. start with hits of color, like a bright tank, or a gorgeous rich colored bag.

MY HOUSE (i will try), XMAS (yay people photos, finally!) and STATEMENT HEELS. collated from like, EVERYWHERE.

6. i wish i could be more personal on my blog, but i just cant do it on a public domain... =(.
i am more melancholic these days...but i'm sure theres a reason for every change.

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