Jan 19, 2008


a53 gathering at cafe del mar...with a special cameo appearance by mr ho!!!! altho i didnt talk to hi m much, i still feel the class is complete with him. i miss them all very very much; the sardonic jokes, the mocking, the americaaaaan jibes, etc. too many memories to be listed, but when recalled, never seem too far away for vivid rememberance.
we were really in a class of our own. class AHAHHHAHAH!... -_-

bye joel! he and davin and ivan were off to serve the country, leaving nicky and my bro matt behind. an appropriately-chosen carnivore was our venue of choice and my thoughts and prayers lie with the army boys.
i remember so many times with joel, when we all were kids and went on holiday together...with matt, camille, charles, et al. and more importantly, we ALWAYS went to sunway lagoon cos the kids could be left alone and no one needed to get on a plane hurhur.

in the meantime, school has started and a slew of assignments are lined up all over again, a flood of recurring MEMOS..and i dont mean last sem's memories..thou they are undeniably both in the same category of FORGETTABLE. SO! balance is key...remembering that church, family, friends and school are all parts of my life. and of course, a most difficult lesson, but a terribly valuable one, that God is the centre of it all.
heard it before? yes.
trite? maybe.
any less true? NO WAY.

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